new study reveals man united fans as the uk's worst for leaving matches early, but which other fan-bases are also quick to exit?

Manchester United fans have been found to be the worst in the UK when it comes to leaving matches early, according to a new study. The research analyzed fan behavior across different football clubs and found that Manchester United supporters were more likely to make a sharp exit before matches finished.

The study, conducted by, examined data from over 40,000 fans across the country. It revealed that 21% of Manchester United fans leave matches early, earning them the dubious title of the worst in the UK. This finding comes as a surprise for a club known for its passionate fan base and historic success.

In comparison, fans of other Premier League clubs were found to be more committed to staying until the final whistle. Supporters of Wolverhampton Wanderers were found to be the most dedicated, with only 3% leaving matches early. Other clubs with low early departure rates included Leicester City (4%), Brighton & Hove Albion (5%), and Crystal Palace (6%).

Interestingly, the study also found that fans of lower league clubs were more likely to stay until the end of matches. Supporters of Portsmouth, in League One, had an early departure rate of just 2%, while those of Salford City, in League Two, had a rate of 3%.

The reasons behind Manchester United fans’ tendency to leave early remain unclear. It could be attributed to factors such as dissatisfaction with the team’s performance, traffic concerns, or a lack of engagement during matches. However, regardless of the reasons, this study sheds light on the behavior of football fans and highlights the differences in commitment among supporters of different clubs.

It is worth noting that leaving matches early is not exclusive to Manchester United fans. In recent years, there have been instances of fans leaving matches early at various clubs across the country. This behavior has sparked debates about loyalty and commitment among football supporters.

As the study reveals, fan behavior can vary significantly depending on the club and league. While Manchester United fans may have a reputation for leaving matches early, it is important to remember that this does not reflect the entire fan base or the club as a whole.

Photo by Florent B. on Pexels.

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