newcastle manager eddie howe implements night-time city centre ban for players following violent brawl involving captain jamaal lascelles

Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe has expressed his disappointment over the city’s proposed ban on football matches due to concerns over the rising number of Covid-19 cases. The ban would prevent Newcastle from hosting their upcoming match against Burnley at St James’ Park.

Howe emphasized the importance of football in providing a sense of normalcy and entertainment for fans during these challenging times. He acknowledged that public health and safety should be the top priority but also highlighted the strict protocols and measures that have been put in place to ensure the safety of players and staff.

The Premier League has implemented rigorous testing and safety protocols, which have proven effective in minimizing the spread of the virus within clubs. Howe believes that these measures should allow matches to continue without jeopardizing public health.

Newcastle captain Jamaal Lascelles echoed Howe’s sentiments, emphasizing the significance of football in the lives of fans and the positive impact it can have on mental well-being. He also highlighted the efforts made by players to adhere to safety guidelines and maintain a safe environment within the club.

The proposed ban comes at a crucial time for Newcastle, who are currently fighting to avoid relegation. Losing the home advantage could potentially impact their performance and hinder their chances of securing vital points.

While the decision ultimately rests with local authorities, Howe and Lascelles hope that a compromise can be reached, allowing the match to proceed in a controlled and safe manner. They believe that with the stringent safety measures in place, football can continue to provide a much-needed source of entertainment and unity for fans across the country.

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