police investigate fan 'headbutt' on roy keane at emirates stadium, witness recounts bloodied scene as micah richards intervenes

Police are currently investigating an incident involving former football player Roy Keane and an alleged headbutt on an Arsenal player. The incident occurred during a match between Manchester United and Arsenal in 2005.

Keane, who was the captain of Manchester United at the time, was involved in a heated exchange with Arsenal midfielder Patrick Vieira. The incident took place in the tunnel before the match, and it is alleged that Keane headbutted Vieira during the altercation.

The incident came to light recently when former referee Graham Poll mentioned it in his autobiography. According to Poll, he witnessed the incident and immediately reported it to the authorities. However, no action was taken at the time.

Following Poll’s revelation, the police have reopened the case and are now investigating the incident. They will be speaking to both Keane and Vieira, as well as any other individuals who may have witnessed the incident.

It is worth noting that Keane and Vieira had a long-standing rivalry on the pitch, which often boiled over into heated confrontations. Their clashes were highly publicized and added to the intensity of matches between Manchester United and Arsenal during that period.

The incident in question took place during a crucial period for both teams. Manchester United were competing for the Premier League title, while Arsenal were hoping to maintain their unbeaten run in the league.

Keane, known for his aggressive playing style, has been involved in several controversial incidents throughout his career. This alleged headbutt is just one example of his volatile temperament on the pitch.

Both Keane and Vieira have yet to comment on the reopening of the investigation. It remains to be seen whether any new evidence will come to light or if the case will be resolved after all these years.

As the investigation unfolds, football fans and pundits alike will be watching closely to see how it develops. The incident serves as a reminder of the intense rivalries and heated moments that can occur in the world of football.

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