robin goodfellow's expert racing tips: top picks for monday, september 4

In the world of horse racing, expert tipster Robin Goodfellow has shared his predictions for the races taking place on September 4th. Goodfellow believes that certain horses have a good chance of emerging as winners in their respective races.

At Haydock, Goodfellow suggests that the horse named “Impatient” has a strong possibility of winning the 1:00 race. Another horse to watch out for is “Tawleed” in the 2:10 race at Ascot. Goodfellow believes that this horse has the potential to secure victory.

Moving on to Thirsk, Goodfellow recommends keeping an eye on the horse called “Firmament” in the 2:55 race. According to Goodfellow, this horse has shown impressive form and could come out on top. Additionally, in the 3:30 race at Ascot, Goodfellow advises considering “Pivoine” as a potential winner.

Goodfellow also provides insights for other races. At Ascot’s 4:05 race, he suggests that “Toro Strike” could be a strong contender. In the 4:40 race at Haydock, Goodfellow believes that “First Impression” has a good chance of securing victory.

For those interested in betting on the races, Goodfellow’s tips provide valuable guidance. However, it is important to note that horse racing is unpredictable, and there are no guarantees when it comes to the outcome of any race.

Overall, Goodfellow’s predictions offer an informed perspective on the upcoming races, providing racing enthusiasts with potential contenders to consider when placing their bets.

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