sergio busquets of inter miami praised as a 'world class player' despite lack of goals, ian ladyman argues in heated debate on declan rice's role at arsenal

Inter Miami’s Sergio Busquets is a world-class player who may not score goals, but his contributions on the field are invaluable, according to Mail Sports journalist Ian Ladyman. Ladyman’s remarks come amidst a debate surrounding Declan Rice’s potential role at Arsenal.

Busquets, known for his defensive prowess and ability to control the game from midfield, has been a key figure in Inter Miami’s success. Ladyman emphasizes that goalscoring should not be the sole measure of a player’s value, as Busquets’ impact goes beyond finding the back of the net.

Ladyman argues that Busquets’ ability to read the game, intercept passes, and distribute the ball effectively make him an essential asset for any team. His tactical awareness and positioning allow him to break up opposition attacks and initiate counter-attacks, making him a vital cog in Inter Miami’s system.

While Busquets may not have the flashy statistics associated with goal-scoring midfielders, Ladyman suggests that his influence on the pitch cannot be underestimated. His intelligence and decision-making enable him to dictate the tempo of a match and create opportunities for his teammates.

The debate surrounding Declan Rice’s potential move to Arsenal adds another layer to the discussion. Rice, a highly-rated young midfielder, has been linked with a transfer to the London club. However, Ladyman believes that Arsenal already possesses a player of Busquets’ caliber in Granit Xhaka.

Xhaka, like Busquets, is known for his defensive attributes and ability to control the game from midfield. Ladyman argues that Xhaka’s skill set is similar to Busquets’, making the acquisition of Rice unnecessary for Arsenal.

In conclusion, Ladyman highlights the importance of recognizing a player’s contributions beyond goalscoring. Sergio Busquets exemplifies this notion, providing a masterclass in midfield control and defensive stability for Inter Miami. The debate surrounding Declan Rice’s potential role at Arsenal further emphasizes the value of players like Busquets, who excel in their defensive duties.

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