simon jordan: the decline of manchester united post-sir alex ferguson: a lack of quality leadership on and off the field

Manchester United’s recent struggles on the football pitch have raised questions about the club’s leadership and ownership. Former Crystal Palace chairman, Simon Jordan, believes that the departure of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013 has had a significant impact on the team’s decline.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Jordan argues that Ferguson’s departure left a void in leadership at the club. He suggests that the Glazer family, who took over the ownership of Manchester United in 2005, have failed to adequately replace the managerial genius of Ferguson.

Jordan highlights the lack of a clear footballing structure and a long-term plan as key issues that have plagued the club in recent years. He criticizes the Glazers for their focus on financial success rather than on-field achievements. According to Jordan, this has resulted in a decline in the quality of players being signed and a lack of investment in the squad.

The former chairman also points out the failure of subsequent managers, including David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, and Jose Mourinho, to replicate Ferguson’s success. He suggests that these managers were appointed without a clear understanding of the club’s philosophy and without the necessary support from the owners.

Jordan acknowledges that current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has brought some stability to the team, but he questions whether he has the necessary experience and tactical acumen to take the club back to its former glory. He argues that Manchester United needs a strong, experienced manager who can instill a winning mentality and implement a clear playing style.

The article concludes by suggesting that the Glazers need to take responsibility for the club’s decline and make the necessary changes to restore Manchester United to its former greatness. Jordan believes that the appointment of a top-class manager and a restructuring of the footballing operations are crucial steps in the right direction.

In summary, Simon Jordan believes that Manchester United’s decline can be attributed to the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and the failure of the Glazer family to adequately replace his leadership. He highlights the lack of a clear footballing structure, a long-term plan, and a focus on financial success over on-field achievements as key issues. Jordan calls for the appointment of a strong, experienced manager and a restructuring of the club’s operations to reverse Manchester United’s fortunes.

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