southgate defends phillips' start vs scotland despite limited man city minutes

England manager Gareth Southgate has come to the defense of midfielder Kalvin Phillips after starting him in the match against Scotland. Southgate admitted that it was not ideal for Phillips to have only played six minutes for Manchester City this season.

Southgate’s decision to include Phillips in the starting lineup has raised eyebrows, considering his lack of playing time at club level. However, the England boss has stood by his choice and defended the midfielder’s inclusion.

Phillips, who plays for Leeds United in the Premier League, has been a key player for England in recent matches. Despite his limited game time for Manchester City, Southgate believes in his abilities and trusts him to perform on the international stage.

The England manager acknowledged that it is not an ideal situation for Phillips to have such little playing time at club level. However, Southgate emphasized that he selects players based on their performances in training and their suitability for the team’s tactics.

Southgate’s decision to start Phillips against Scotland did not yield the desired result, as the match ended in a goalless draw. However, the England manager remains confident in his choice and believes that Phillips will continue to improve and contribute to the team’s success.

It is worth noting that Southgate’s decision to defend Phillips and start him in the match against Scotland has sparked discussions among football fans and pundits. Some argue that players should be selected based on their recent form and playing time, while others believe that Southgate’s decision shows his faith in Phillips’ abilities.

Overall, Southgate’s defense of starting Phillips against Scotland highlights his belief in the midfielder’s potential and his willingness to give players opportunities based on their performances in training.

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