thiago silva responds to chelsea fan's call for him to be dropped, asserting they're mistaken about playing with five at the back

Thiago Silva has responded to fans who are calling for him to be dropped from the team, stating that it is important to allow Mauricio Pochettino to play his preferred formation. This comes after Paris Saint-Germain’s loss to Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup.

Silva, PSG’s captain, took to social media to address the criticism he has been facing from supporters. He emphasized the importance of trusting the coach’s decisions and allowing him to implement his preferred tactics.

The Brazilian defender acknowledged the disappointment of the defeat against Nottingham Forest but urged fans to have faith in Pochettino’s vision for the team. Silva emphasized the need for unity and support during challenging times.

Pochettino, who took over as PSG’s head coach earlier this month, has been working on implementing his tactical approach. The loss to Nottingham Forest was seen by some as a setback, leading to calls for changes in the starting lineup.

However, Silva defended the coach’s decisions, stating that it is crucial to give Pochettino time to establish his style of play and build the team accordingly. He stressed that the players are committed to working hard and improving under the new coaching staff.

Despite the defeat, Silva expressed confidence in the team’s ability to bounce back and achieve success in the future. He called on the fans to continue supporting the players, emphasizing that their encouragement is crucial for the team’s morale.

PSG will now shift their focus to upcoming matches, aiming to regain their winning form. Silva’s message serves as a reminder to the fans that unity and trust are essential during this transitional period under Pochettino’s leadership.

It remains to be seen how Pochettino will respond to the fans’ demands and whether any changes will be made to the team’s formation in future matches. However, Silva’s words indicate a united front among the players, determined to work together and overcome any challenges they may face.

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