trainer of chris eubank jr arrested at manchester airport for carrying loaded gun and ammunition on us-bound flight following saturday night's fight

Chris Eubank Jr’s trainer, Nate Vasquez, was arrested at Manchester Airport on Saturday after security officials discovered a loaded gun and ammunition in his suitcase. The incident occurred just hours before Eubank Jr’s scheduled fight that evening.

Vasquez, who is based in the United States, had flown into Manchester to support Eubank Jr in his bout against Marcus Morrison. However, upon inspection of his luggage, airport security found a loaded firearm and a quantity of ammunition.

Greater Manchester Police were immediately alerted, and Vasquez was taken into custody. The police confirmed that the firearm was a Glock 19 pistol and that Vasquez did not have the appropriate documentation to possess it in the UK.

Eubank Jr’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, expressed shock and disappointment at the news, stating that the incident was entirely unrelated to Eubank Jr and the fight itself. Hearn emphasized that the boxer had no knowledge of Vasquez’s actions and that he would be working with authorities to ensure a thorough investigation.

Hearn further added that Eubank Jr’s fight would still proceed as planned, with a replacement trainer stepping in for Vasquez. He assured fans that the incident would not impact the event or Eubank Jr’s performance.

Vasquez has been an integral part of Eubank Jr’s team, and his absence will undoubtedly be felt. However, the focus remains on the fight itself, with Eubank Jr aiming to secure a victory over Morrison and continue his ascent in the middleweight division.

The incident at Manchester Airport serves as a reminder of the strict regulations surrounding firearms and the importance of adhering to proper procedures when traveling internationally. The authorities will conduct a thorough investigation to determine how Vasquez came to possess the weapon and why he attempted to bring it into the UK.

As the news broke, it sent shockwaves through the boxing community. The incident highlights the need for heightened security measures at airports to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

Eubank Jr’s fight against Morrison went ahead as scheduled, with Eubank Jr emerging victorious after a unanimous decision victory. Despite the distraction caused by Vasquez’s arrest, Eubank Jr remained focused and delivered an impressive performance in the ring.

The aftermath of this incident will undoubtedly have lasting consequences for Vasquez, who now faces legal repercussions. Meanwhile, Eubank Jr will continue his boxing career, leaving this incident behind him as he looks towards future challenges and opportunities in the sport.

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