willey urges england selectors for world cup spot, acknowledges challenges

England cricketer David Willey has expressed his desire to be included in the World Cup squad and has urged the selectors to consider him for the upcoming tournament in India. Despite facing tough competition, Willey remains hopeful of securing a spot in the team.

In an interview, Willey acknowledged the challenges he faces in being selected for the World Cup. He emphasized that the decision lies with the selectors and admitted that it will not be an easy task for them. However, he remains optimistic and believes that his performances in domestic cricket have been strong enough to warrant consideration.

Willey’s plea comes as no surprise, given his impressive track record in limited-overs cricket. The left-arm seamer has been a consistent performer for England in the past, and his ability to swing the ball both ways makes him a valuable asset in the team.

The competition for places in the England squad is fierce, with several talented players vying for a spot. However, Willey remains undeterred and is determined to prove his worth. He understands that the selectors have a difficult task ahead of them, but he hopes that his performances will speak for themselves.

The World Cup is a prestigious tournament, and every player dreams of representing their country on such a grand stage. Willey is no exception, and he is eager to make his mark if given the opportunity. He is aware of the challenges that lie ahead, but he is ready to face them head-on.

In conclusion, David Willey is hopeful of being selected for the World Cup squad and has urged the selectors to consider him. Despite the tough competition, he remains confident in his abilities and is determined to prove himself on the international stage.

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