square, cash app users experience payment problems during service outage

Square, Cash App users experience payment problems during service outage

Square has reported a disruption in various financial transactions, including peer-to-peer payments and cash card purchases. The company has identified issues that are affecting these services, causing inconvenience to its users. Square is actively working to resolve the problem and restore normal functionality as soon as possible.

groundbreaking humanoid robot poised to revolutionize the workplace

Groundbreaking Humanoid Robot Poised to Revolutionize the Workplace

Apptronik, an electronics manufacturer, has unveiled a groundbreaking development that could revolutionize the way humans work in warehouses and manufacturing plants. Aptly dubbed the “iPhone of robots,” this innovative creation has the potential to seamlessly collaborate with human counterparts. With this remarkable advancement, Apptronik aims to enhance efficiency and productivity while ensuring a harmonious partnership between humans and robots in the workplace.

study reveals carmakers’ insufficient efforts in safeguarding collected vehicle data

Study Reveals Carmakers’ Insufficient Efforts in Safeguarding Collected Vehicle Data

According to the study’s lead researcher, cars have surprisingly escaped the scrutiny of privacy concerns, and it is essential to address this issue. The researcher expressed a strong desire to rectify the situation, emphasizing that cars are particularly susceptible to privacy breaches and should not be overlooked.

successful return: crew of 4 safely returns to earth following extended stay at international space station

Successful Return: Crew of 4 Safely Returns to Earth Following Extended Stay at International Space Station

A team of four astronauts successfully returned to Earth after an incredible six-month stay aboard the International Space Station. The crew members safely splashed down, marking the end of their extraordinary journey in space.

norway’s wet summer brings unexpected perk: free electricity

Norway’s Wet Summer Brings Unexpected Perk: Free Electricity

Residents in Norway’s two largest cities have recently experienced a delightful surprise – two days of free electricity. Thanks to the abundance of rain-swelled reservoirs, which power the country’s hydroelectric plants, this unexpected boon has brought joy and relief to the local population. The temporary absence of electricity bills has not only provided a welcome financial respite, but also serves as a reminder of the nation’s commitment to sustainable energy sources. With the rainy season continuing to replenish the reservoirs, it seems that the people of Norway can look forward to more cost-effective and eco-friendly power in the near future.

inflection ai ceo mustafa suleyman highlights the risks of artificial intelligence

Inflection AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman Highlights the Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Mustafa Suleyman, the CEO and founder of Inflection AI, sits down with “CBS Mornings” to delve into the intriguing world of artificial intelligence. In his newly released book, “The Coming Wave,” Suleyman offers insightful warnings and predictions about the rapid expansion of AI. Join us as we explore his fascinating perspective on this groundbreaking technology.

unveiling the science behind the escalation of online behavior

Unveiling the Science Behind the Escalation of Online Behavior

In the age of online anonymity, it has become all too easy to unleash our worst selves without facing any consequences. This phenomenon, known as the online disinhibition effect (ODE), has psychologists concerned about the toxic nature of internet exchanges. In this episode, correspondent David Pogue delves into the reasons behind the prevalence of hateful rants and name-calling online, exploring why such behavior would never be tolerated in face-to-face conversations. Tune in to gain insight into this troubling aspect of our digital world. (Originally aired on October 16, 2022.)

educators embrace ai as a collaborative tool in the classroom

Educators Embrace AI as a Collaborative Tool in the Classroom

In a surprising twist, while some teachers have implemented strict bans on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by students, others are embracing this cutting-edge technology and bringing it directly into their classrooms. This divergence in approach highlights the varying attitudes towards AI’s role in education.

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